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Growing as a Mobile Engineer

Growing to the senior and above senior mobile engineering levels. A book for iOS and Android engineers, and mobile engineering managers.

Building Mobile Apps at Scale

What's Inside

PART 1: Growing as a Mobile Engineer

1. Map Out Opportunities to Grow
2. Typical Mobile Engineering Level Definitions
3. Professional Growth Versus Promotions
4. Mentoring
5. Changing Jobs
6. Down-Leveling When Changing Jobs

PART 2: Growing to Senior

7. Master Your Main Stack
8. Get Familiar With the Other Stack(s)
9. Become More Product-Minded
10. Get More Feedback
11. Lead a Full-Stack Project
12. Ask For That Promotion

PART 3: Beyond Senior Levels

13. The Challenge of Moving Beyond the Senior Level
14. The “Glass Ceiling” for Mobile Engineers
15. Go Broad or Go Deep
16. Understand the Business and Get Involved
17. Quantify Your Impact
18. Connect with Industry Peers
19. Public Writing and Speaking
20. Leaving Mobile Engineering to Further Your Career
21. It’s Not Meant to Be Easy

PART 4: Mobile Engineering Management

22. Mobile Platform Teams
23. Mobile-Only Career Limitations for Managers
24. Advocating for Senior+ Mobile Engineering Roles

PART 5: Mobile Learnings From My Time at Uber

25. Platforms and Programs
26. What Good Mobile Architecture Looks Like
27. Hundreds of Mobile Engineers Working Together
28. I’m Actually Not an Android / iOS Engineer
29. Core and Optional Mobile Code & Modules
30. Mobile Oncall

Who This Book Is For

Written for mobile engineers and engineering managers.

Mobile Engineers

You want to grow to the senior level as an iOS or Android engineer, and are looking for guidance.

Senior Mobile Engineers

You might be stuck at the senior mobile engineer "glass ceiling" that is all too common. What are ways you can keep growing, to beyond senior levels?

Mobile Engineering Leads and Managers

Get practical advice on how you can help mobile engineers on your team grow, as well as advice as how you as a manager can progress.

Book Contents

30 pieces of advice for mobile engineers and engineering managers.

  • 70 pages of content

  • Growing to senior and above mobile engineering levels

  • The glass ceiling for mobile engineers

  • Mobile engineering managers: advice to keep growing as a manager

  • Mobile learnings from four years at Uber

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share this book with a group?

The book license is for one reader only. Please respect the terms, and do not distribute for others. The book comes DRM-free to make your personal use easy.
A team license is available here.

Is there a paperback version?

Currently, this book is available only as ebook. If there's enough demand, I might create a print version - drop me an email if you'd be interested in getting it in that form.

What is your refund policy?

If you're not happy: I'm not happy. If you don't get what you expect, contact me within 30 days at growing (at) and I'll issue a full refund: no questions asked.

Where can I find the book on Goodreads?

Here it is - please consider leaving a review, once you've read the book. Thank you!


About the Author

I am an advisor at, where we are building the new standard for mobile development and write The Pragmatic Engineer (the #1 newsletter for software engineers).

I have been building native apps for more than 10 years, six of these full-time. I was a principal iOS engineer at Skyscanner, then joined Uber as a senior Android engineer. I became an engineering manager, initially managing a team of five mobile engineers. Over the years, my team expanded from five engineers to close to 30, almost half of them mobile engineers.

This book focuses on ways you can grow your career as a mobile engineer or engineering manager, while working on these kinds of apps and challenges. The contents come from my personal experience accumulated over the years.

Most advice in this book is more applicable for Silicon Valley-like companies. This means companies which work more like Silicon Valley-like companies and have a healthy engineering culture. It is companies that put parallel manager and engineer career paths in place, so that there are levels to grow beyond the “senior engineer”. The advice will apply far more to mobile-first organizations which invest heavily in mobile engineering, as well as to companies growing at a healthy pace.

Follow me on Twitter at @GergelyOrosz, connect on Linkedin or reach me at growing (at) pragmaticengineer (dot) com.